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Why Merrell Shower Doors has the best quality for cost.

The Factors


Hardware Color

Custom VS stock

Metal Amount

cost of thickness
Thickness of glass can increase cost.
showing colors and options
Hardware color is meant to fit your project!
comparison between options
Custom can be costly.
frameless shower door
The less metal the more expensive

The thickness of glass can greatly determine the cost of a project. Glass is an expensive commodity, so the more glass your project requires, the more expensive it will be.

The most common options for hardware are brushed nickel or chrome. As a result, they are common and not as pricey as an uncommon hardware color. However, the price difference is nothing drastic, but on a budget its good to know where you can cut some costs.

A stock option door is something that is made in a huge amount of bulk to fit the needs of stock built buildings or homes. An example of stock would be 54″x76″ excluding outages (which we’ll touch on later). Therefore, a custom door is more expensive because it has to be cut specifically to the opening which could be 1 out of 1 million doors produced.

When purchasing a shower and you get the question, “Framed, Frameless, or Semi?“, do not worry I am here to explain. For example, the more metal a project has the more support it has, moreover, you pay less because the glass does not need to be thick enough to support itself. Likewise, the less metal there is, the thicker the glass needs to be in order to be structurally sound.

Common Misconceptions

Less Metal = Less Money

quality effects cost

The amount of metal for any project can determine how costly it may be, as discussed earlier. The quality of the class is not effected by its thickness. Most importantly, the thickness of glass is completely necessary to ensure the structure and longevity of the door. It may cross your mind, “The less metal I have the less expensive it should be.” But, what people tend to forget is where that support must be compensated.

Custom = Less expensive

people pricing project

A custom project is a great option for those who have custom built or renovated bathrooms. Above all, the main misconception would be, “My door is smaller than a stock option, why is so much?”. To clarify, a door may seem less complicated visually but, a door smaller than stock is still custom. In conclusion, it will require specific cutting while a stock door is already tempered, meaning it can no longer be cut.

No Enduro-shield = Money Saver

enduroshield to prevent cost

The most frustrating conversation to have is explaining why using the option to remove Enduro-Shield is not a good idea. Enduro-Shield is a protectant cover applied to every door MSD installs to prevent soap, scum, and mineral build up, aka, to keep your door flawless and low maintenance (unless its opted out). Unfortunately, some consumers remove this option to save costs. Therefore, in the near future, repairs/cleanings are to be expected. In other words, Enduro-Shield is not a profit, it is to ensure quality. The quality of your cost goes into things like Enduro to ensure our top notch products.


When estimating a shower door, MSD does not always need to go into the field. Therefore, with basic measurements we are able to provide a ballpark number of what to expect with shower to cost. Usually, outages are not taken into account. To clarify, outages are places the glass will rest that are not plumb with the rest of the wall. Most importantly, outages need to be accounted for to ensure the proper fit of any specific project. So, this can drive costs up and is only prevented when building the enclosure itself, this is why most DIY projects can not get their hands on a cheap stock door from Lowe’s and must go through a specialty company such as MSD.

Outages are taken not into consideration until a firm measure is completed.

The Main Point

The quality of cost depends on where the budget is spent. For instance, How are the reviews of the company with the cheapest products? What is the process that they will be putting you through? Are their ethics solid? Online, are they a credible company?

Shower Door projects are certainly fickle enough, why cut corners? The cost is a huge factor in any project, but with low cost comes low quality, low customer service, and long term complications. Subsequently, these are always the consequences for those who chose to cut out those small, yet huge details.

To sum it up, paying for the quality of a shower door company is no “rip off”. Merrell Shower Doors ensures its work with a 1 year labor warranty and Enduro-Sheild on every door (which has proven to last up to 10 years). It comes with a 5 year warranty. In conclusion, MSD has never had to replace enduro-shield in our 20 years of business.

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