The backbone of shower doors, framed enclosures are a basic yet classic look you and your guests can appreciate.

Framed enclosures offer a range of benefits

First, they provide more stability than you’ll get with a frameless shower door. The metal on a framed shower door not only surrounds the operable part of the partition, but also other parts of the enclosure, such as the top, bottom, sides and joints.

Secondly, they’re also more watertight. Importantly, this can help prevent spray from your shower from ending up on your bathroom floor.  Seals, sweeps and magnetic hardware around the door help to create a watertight fit, keeping water from the shower and bath from leaking onto the floor of the bathroom.

For a timeless, traditional look with multiple choices for an elegant finish, choose a framed enclosure to complete your bathroom.

Whether you are looking for basic or elaborate, we will walk you through all of your options. Merrell Shower Doors can help you design a layout that will allow for functionality in your bathroom and look amazing. 

The perfect option to fit your style, taste, and needs.  Importantly, your glass enclosure should complement the bathroom as a whole.  That’s why we offer options to fit any budget.

With Merrell Shower Doors, customer service is always our top priority. Therefore, our hope is that you will feel confident in our ability to meet your expectations. When you’re ready for your new shower door, call Merrell!

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