Glass You Didn’t Know Existed

The name “Merrell Shower Doors” holds more options than just a shower door. With experience of 20 plus years we are well diverse in every aspect of glass! In this article we will discuss our various services offered at MSD.

Adding luxury in the stairwell…

high end service for aesthetic
Glass Railing example – great for homes and offices.

Wooden handrailings and fences tend to obscure the view of your patio, pool, deck, house, and yard. With all the hard work you put into decorating, designing, and critiquing you now are left struggling to show it off as you should! The most beautiful solution to this problem is glass handrailing.

This high end service is not exremely popluar due to costs, though there are several options to help cut those costs. As a more luxurious service, we don’t get the chance to see glass handrailings as much as we would like. Glass railings are typically more for businesses, gyms, and other social gathering areas. You will find in a residential home that glass railing is typically placed around the pool. There are two main reasons for this; First, a typical gate or fence around the pool obsucres the ability to view and enjoy the pool without being in the pool yard. Secondly, the glass railing acts as a great protective barrier to little ones who enjoy exploring, it also allows for animals to roam freely outside with out fear of possible tradgey.

Is this for me?

  • Low Matience
  • Weather Resistance
  • No Yearly Up-Keep
  • Durable

A forgotten Classic…

Another variation of glass is the glass table top, a personal favorite due to its versatility. Typically, glass tables are found in kitchens and living rooms. Merrell Shower Doors also helps contractors find the right fit for their office or meeting rooms. The limit with Glass Table Tops are practically endless. Heat Resistant and extremely stylish, a glass table is something every home is missing.

heat resistant glass table top
Glass Table Top example in kitchen; very versatile.




As we have mentioned, Glass Table Tops are a great addition to any room. Perfect for indoor, and even great for outdoor patios, or pool areas.

Shaping the glass is a great advantage other tables may not allow. From circular to rectangluar, a variety of custom shaped table tops are availible.

Though etching is a rarity, it is such an amazing option! This is the ability to customize your glass even further, choose a design/ glass style that speaks to you!

Not your typical shelves…

four glass shelves a services you didn't know existed
Glass Shelving provided and installed by Merrell Shower Doors.

An under rated variation of our servcies at Merrell Shower Doors is our glass shelving. The picture to the left is one of our more recent installations. Shelving plays a discrete roll in the household. From creating more storage, to adding a beautiful display, glass shelving is extremely versatile.



Low Maitence


  • Books
  • Decor
  • Elegant
  • Any Room!
  • No bending
  • No rusting
  • Long Lasting
  • Easy Cleaning
  • No Overshadowing
  • No obsured view
  • Bright Display

Consider the qualities above and determine if its a fit!

Splash Panels

Splash Panels are not a very common form of glass found through-out a typical house hold. They are less expesive than an entire enclosure and provide similar benifits. It is commom that a home -as pictured right- with a stand alone tub may want to include the option of splash panels to ensure the least amount of water get outside of its designated area. The splash panel is popular in other countries like Europe, more so than the USA thats why it fits perfectly in our “Glass you didn’t know exsisted” blog. Take a look at some more examples on our pintrest page.

A huge mistake home owners tend to make when shopping around for something of the sorts is; Home Centers. Unfortunately, that is the biggest mistake you can make when buying a shower door, IG unit, mirror, and pretty much anything glass.

double splash panels for luxury
Splash panel project completed by Merrell Shower Doors.

Most Home Centers do not have the knowledge and experience a Glass Company, such as MSD, does. Majority of items provided by Home Centers are stock, this interferes with options, customization, and the majority of people who have glass projects that needs what Home Centers can’t provide. Their popularity

Glass Fun Fact!

 A Cathedral in Covington Kentucky showing special, old glass
The Great North Transept Window is one of the largest church stained-glass windows in the world. (Photo by Stephen Enzweiler.)

Pictured right is glass you never knew exsisted. In Covington, Kentucy the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, began its window work in 1906. This beautiful piece of art had the remaining windows installed by 1914 – quite the turn around time haha! This Cathedral made it through so many historical moments through-out history and was restored back in 2001. It stands to this day and is ranked one of the most beautiful Cathedrals in the U.S

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  1. I liked how you mentioned that a glass railing is a great way to protect kids from falling into a pool. My wife and I are wanting to renovate our backyard and we were wondering how we can protect our kids if we decide to install a pool in the yard. I’ll be sure to tell her that we should add a glass railing around the pool if we get one installed.

    1. Thank you! We started the blog for Merrell Showers back in 2019. Cheyenne Merrell our sales manager handles and creates every blog page posted on our website. With such a short history on blogging we are super pleased to hear such amazing feedback! THank you!

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