The Best Quality For Your Glass Shower Door Cost

It’s primarily important to know if you’re receiving the best quality for your glass shower door cost. Have you ever wondered why glass shower doors are so expensive or why prices are so different from company to company? There’s no simple answer. The costs can range from a few hundred dollars for a simple glass door to thousands for a luxurious, high-end enclosure. Many considerations affect the price, including material selection and the difficulty of installation. Although the price tag is a factor, don’t mistakenly opt for a cheaper cost and lose quality service & materials.

The major factors affecting your shower door’s cost are:

Configuration & style selection is one factor of glass shower doors costs.

There are nearly limitless configurations for a shower enclosure. However, no matter which configuration your shower layout is, there are limited style options. The style option will determine the glass thickness, and that thickness can significantly determine the cost of a project. With that in mind, the glass thickness can vary depending on the shower layout & configuration.


These units typically use thinner glass ranging between 3/16 to 1/4 inch glass. Doubtless, framed units are the most common enclosures being inexpensive, easy to install, and very stable because of the frame.


A commonly confused term, semi-frameless shower doors include frameless and framed glass edges. Semi-frameless shower enclosures tend to have a slightly thicker glass ranging from 1/4 to 3/8 inch and have a more noticeable frame. 


Frameless glass units, also referred to as “heavy glass”, are versatile enough to fit in with various styles and ideas. These enclosures use a minimal amount of hardware, and the glass thickness is typically 3/8 or 1/2 inch.

Regardless of the thickness, every piece of glass undergoes tempering to ensure it is safe in any shower application. Tempered glass comes in various patterns, textures, and colors. There are many options available, but choosing something besides clear glass will increase the cost. Other options include frosted, pattern, decorative, and etched glass. Creating a clean, modern look, clear glass remains the most popular option for most homeowners.

Another determining quality over cost factor is the hardware selection.

From door pulls to hinges to towel bars and robe hooks, hardware selections should match the bathroom’s quality & style as a whole.

Quality for your Cost, Glass Shower Door Hardware

Shower door hardware encompasses everything from the type of pull to the track or hinges and supports, and different enclosure styles require different types of hardware.

The most popular finishes are chrome, brushed nickel, and increasingly matte black. Custom paint options are also available in nearly any color you want. Please, don’t get overwhelmed when it comes to color selection. Narrow down the choices by looking at the existing colors in the bathroom. Although the hardware can be as unique as the enclosure, be sure to consider the other bathroom fixtures to create a unified look.

A final factor to determining the quality of your cost is a Glass surface protection application.
Quality over Cost, EnduroShield Glass Surface Protection

Untreated glass is porous and, as a result, absorbs mineral deposits and soap scum, making it more difficult to clean over time. Shower glass is subject to mineral deposits from water, shampoo, soaps, body fats, and harsh scrubbing using toxic cleaners, causing the glass to discolor and develop irremovable staining. 

For this reason, we apply EnduroShield (R) to every glass shower enclosure we install. EnduroShield is an ultra-thin transparent glass coating that completely adheres to the surface and provides protection that will repel both water and oil-based stains. 

  • cuts cleaning time and keeps glass cleaner between cleans
  • superior protection against staining
  • once only application lasts years
  • eco-friendly – no need for cleaning with harsh chemicals

Overall, understanding the best quality for your glass shower door cost depends on the options that work for your bathroom and your budget.

Shower Door projects are certainly fickle enough; why cut corners? The consequences for lower costs subsequently are poor customer service and long term complications. To get the most accurate pricing, give us a call here at Merrell Shower Doors. We can help you figure out which shower enclosure option works best for your bathroom and your budget.