Thinking about going frameless?

When thinking about going Frameless, it’s important to know your options

There is NOT just one style of shower door when you’re thinking about going frameless. Frameless glass enclosures offer a variety of custom options, configurations, and are visually appealing.  Since most models are custom glass, you aren’t limited to mass-produced shower doors. This adds more flexibility to your shower installation. In fact, customization is one of the important factors in purchasing a frameless shower door.

Less Metal

Many homeowners choose frameless shower doors because heavy glass doors leave excessive metal hardware and framing out of the equation.  Consequently, there is less metal to corrode resulting in a long-lasting, beautiful shower door and bathroom! Additionally, less metal allows them to blend in more seamlessly with the rest of their surroundings. Cleaning is also a breeze, since there are no grooves where mold and dirt can develop.

Heavy Glass

Frameless enclosures ALWAYS require the use of “heavy glass” . Heavy Glass Shower Doors use “tempered glass” to offer distinct advantages such as increased strength and less deflection. Tempered glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared to normal glass.

In short, glass thickness determines the structural strength of your shower enclosure. Here’s a quick look at both options:

3/8-Inch Heavy Shower Glass
Three-eighth-inch thick glass is the smallest thickness size that can be used in frameless showers to assure sound, quality construction. It’s also more budget-friendly than half-inch glass.

1/2-Inch Heavy Shower Glass
Three-eighth-inch  Premium half-inch thick glass offers the greatest structural integrity and durability. It’s the same kind of glass used for storefronts. It not only looks more impressive but also has a more substantial feel.


The layout of your shower is important. Take a look at our common configurations to get an idea for yours.

With so many options, your Custom Heavy Glass Shower Door will match the beauty of your bathroom.

3 thoughts on “Thinking about going frameless?”

  1. I’m glad that frameless shower doors will use heavy glass. It seems to me like the lack of support from the frame would make the enclosure weaker. If they could use heavy glass though, I would feel much more comfortable about the durability of my shower if I got a frameless one.

  2. I want to renovate my bathroom, but I’m not sure what kind of shower to install. It makes sense that a frameless glass shower would be nice! I love how they don’t have to use that much metal. That’s definitely worth installing in my home.

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