Shower Doors In’s and Out’s


Shower Doors, can’t be THAT complicated. Right?

When you think of shower doors, nothing complicated comes to mind does it? Well, get ready to find out about Shower Doors In’s and Out’s.


Today, the Shower Doors In’s and Out’s of hardware options are many.  However, when it comes to color, the most popular are Brushed Nickel and Chrome.  Something to consider, according to Delta®, mixing and not matching your color options, is the way to go.

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  • Pull Handles

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Pull handles are installed to give easy-access when entering your shower door enclosure. Back-to-back pull handle bars are just what they sound like with a mirror image of itself on both side it allows easy-access when entering and exiting your shower. Back-to-back pull bars also come in square options. A current trend is ladder pull bars, with a fresh modern look these pull bars say “notice me” when mounted to a heavy frameless shower enclosure.

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Picture it !

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  • Knobs

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Shower knobs are your classic door knob on the shower and come in many varieties.  The traditional back-to-back style is most popular because of its simplicity.  However, you can be more elaborate with styles such as squared, rounded, flaired, ribbed, bow-tie, and many more.

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  • Towel Bars

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While towel bars are sometimes outside the shower, they can also be installed in the shower glass. Towel bars come in various styles and can be a single bar or back-to-back. Back-to-back bars have a bar on the inside and the outside of the shower.  Also, the towel bar can be on the door or a stationary panel. A popular style is the towel bar / pull handle combo. From Victorian to Colonial, there’s a match for you.

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  • Grab Bars

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Towel bars are sometimes mistaken for grab bars, however a towel bar doesn’t provide the support needed for “grabbing”. The bathroom can be a tricky place and grab bars are a smart option for “aging in place”.  Additionally, thave a simple design but are incredibly versatile and the most effective way to be safe in the bathroom. 

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The U-channel is a metal rail that is used to secure glass panels to the floor, ceiling, or wall. A U-channel provides a cost-friendly option when installing your shower door because the glass sits in the u-channel and does not require any notching or drilling for clips. Though the u-channnel does add a “light frame”, when done correctly it should blend seemlessly with your hardware while providing additional support.

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Glass Clamps come in many different varieties but overall serve the same purpose. Most glass clamps secure directly to the wall, floor, or ceiling and come in varieties from sqaured, to beveled, studs, to u-clamps, and even glass-to-glass clamps. But there main purpose is to give the glass minimal material with maxium support. They keep frameless enclosures looking elegant and

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Support Bars stabilize fixed pannels of tempered glass in enclosures that do not go all the way up to the ceiling. Not all support bars use the ceiling as a mount, wall mount brackets attach to the wall. Support Bars can also be installed through the glass to give it structural integrity, but some are attached to the glass not through. All of these serve the same purpose to the shower door which is support.

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Water Seals provide an additional seal to ensure you have no problems with leakage. They come in different varieties to accommodate any gaps or openings that may need to be sealed. Bottom Rails are the most common when chosing to invest in a water seal. Typically, bottom rails snap on to the door-bottom to acheive its seal. Other water seals will generally be installed on the sides.

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How do you know your Shower Doors are secure?


Find Out! 

Click on a tab to find out about different Shower Doors In’s and Out’s when it comes to being secure and safe.

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Exposed Header reffers to the metal at the top of the shower door that is used to provide stability. They are called “exposed” headers because the track and rollers are above the glass – exposed to the eye.

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Support Bars are installed to shower door enclosures that do not connect to the ceiling. The provide strength to the weak spots towards the door-top.

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U-Channels are installed on either the side or bottom of an enclosure. There main purpose is to give more stability to the shower door and close any gaps, or openings. They are also used to seal the door-bottom.

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“Header” reffers to any metal at the top of the enclosure that provides additional stability. The header that you chose will match your choice of hardware aswell. Framed enclosures and Semi-Framed enclosures require a header while Frameless enclosures do not.

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